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Bubble to Alexa

I have a really good idea for a way to utilize Alexa. Is it possible to make a bubble app work with Alexa?

I know there are voice recognition plug-ins, but I’m not sure if this is possible to do…

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You definitely could. I’ve done some Alexa coding and basically the way it works is there are two pieces: There’s a language handler thing that deals with taking the voice input. This is actually a thing that is a more-or-less code-free environment and is very interesting.

You give your Alexa app a list of things the user might say to invoke various “intents”. It then more-or-less magically identifies those intents and passes them to code that you have running on AWS Lambda (in a Lambda function).

Your Lambda function is then just an intent handler that runs different bits of code. These bits of code could, of course, be API calls back to a Bubble app.

It’s been maybe 18 months or more since I messed about with this, but there’s an article about it here (and I forgot that I published sample code in my Git – there’s a link in my article!):


BTW, at the time I was working on this, getting started with Alexa apps wasn’t super easy, but I think the docs (and much of the Alexa API) has been vastly improved since then, so maybe it’s not so bad now. Of course, all of this involves learning a bit of nodejs (JavaScript that runs on a server).

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Use Voiceflow. You can connect it to your Bubble app via API


Thanks guys!

Hi @andrewgassen started looking at Voiceflow. Do you know if the API allows for the creation of choices dynamically - I mean passing questions (voice) and answers (options) from bubble database to Voiceflow to create the flow content?

AH ha actually I think I just answered my own questions. You can store it in a variable it looks like. How cool!

Yes I’ve successfully managed to build a few Voiceflow apps connected to Bubble, it works really well!

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Hi @StevenM

Would you be able to give any common examples of what bubble and voiceflow integration could possible do, also @jamesdevonport do you have any examples of what you have done with your use case.

This kind of technology really excites me but I find it hard to find examples of how I can integrate it into my simple application.

I’m sorry if this sounds like a dumb question.

Many kind regards.

In my case I connected Voiceflow to the Bubble API for my app, it lets the user ask for a specific thing which it then reads out - in my case news articles.

The tutorials on Voiceflow are pretty good and it’s fairly straightforward to connect to your Bubble API, I might write a blog post on how I did it if it’s of interest to people :slight_smile:


Keeping users updated about changes to the app data relating to them.

Did you happen to write a blog about it? And what is your experience with the integration (last 2 years)?

Hey there, I never ended up using it in production. I think some people have managed to get it working though!