Chatbot on Bubble

Hi everyone,
I would like to build the initial interactions through a form of a chatbot, all by pre-defined text (no complex text understanding)
Example of such bot applications out there:

I’m certain it is technically possible on Bubble. I would like to have your feedback on whether I should try to do this within Bubble or if it will become unmanageable, and finally how I should approach building it?

Main features are to ask questions and get answers to reuse as data (name, email, personal info etc…)

Thanks a lot!

I wouldn’t try it on Bubble. While you might be able to technically do it, the development experience will be a nightmare for you. Why not use a tool like FlowXO to do it? There are services specifically targeted at building chatbots, they make a lot more sense.

Thanks @andrewgassen I didn’t know FlowXO! So how would I integrate it within my bubble app?
1 - For the design to be as “part of the webapp”, it seems pretty simple: using html embeded code iframe.
2 - For data to flow into Bubble, it seems a bit tricky… How would I do that easily?

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