Bubble discount coupon

how do i get bubble discounts? my plan keeps expiring and am yet to deploy my app live hu??
now am broke:anguished:

There’s a free tier, so not sure what you mean by plan expiring.

am on a paid plan

Then I’m not sure what the problem is? If you’re on a paid plan, you pay to keep the plan active. Maybe I’m missing what the issue is?

yes… paid plan i think you can only go live with ur app on paid plan…plus other benefits u normally wouldnt get on free plan. and the charges are automatically deducted every month. you can checkout the reference about that to be certain…co it seem bubble keeps changing the rules, o am not even sure.

You can deploy anytime you want, but to get a custom domain, you need to be on a paid plan. I still don’t understand what your challenge is. Bubble is a fairly standard Software as a Service. If you want those specific features, you pay the price that gets them. If you aren’t paying, then you don’t get access to the features.

ahhh…you would if you are from my country. very poor electricity, poor internet. many challenges :grinning:

oh myy…you were right @andrewgassen i just discovered i could actually cancel my paid plan and renew it only when am ready to go live:sweat_smile: shouldnt have known this ealier…poor me

Unfortunately, I don’t think that 'll work.