Paid Account for Learning not Launching

I am at the very beginning of my learning journey, and lack an understanding of how a paid account works.

I will be creating more than one app as I work through the lessons I am taking. These apps will be nocode exercises, rather than apps for publication / launching. I want to learn all of the bubble features, including those that come with a paid account, but I’m not sure how to do this for myself, as it seems in order to get them, you must pay for each app you create … which I’m not sure makes sense for apps that I’m not actually developing, but rather just building for practice.

Does anyone have suggestions about how best to accommodate this style of bubble use ?

The biggest thing you’ll be missing on the Free plan is possibility to work with scheduled backend WFs. Almost everything else (with some small exceptions) you’ll need to learn is available without paying.

Also, there is a 14 days free trial for Bubble apps. So. technically, you can play with paid features for 14 days and then cancel the paid plan. But I’m not sure how Bubble refers to the fact that the same user can constantly create new applications and cancel the subscription after 14 days :slight_smile:

@artemzheg Thank you!