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Bubble users case

Can bubble handle over a million users if it’s a social network? And what about later stage of the app when I will need to hire more developers to work on the app, how will they manage to do that?

I wish you go as far as you get these scalability issues

@nicolas_dap I was looking for an answer of my question which completely makes sense I think:) Thanks for the wishes though

(please see this as my point of view and is in no way official)

From reading around here I think you’ll be fine. Im not sure if there is already a use case of where someone has a millions users on a bubble app. However if you think about this from a logical standpoint.

There are dedicated options available (so this would allow you to scale horizontally and vertically as bubble provide load balanced setups for availability and scalability) . Software stack wise Bubble is built upon industry standard open source tools (please correct me if im wrong on these), javascript / html for client side, and node.js for backend, as well as postgres for the database side. All of these things can and have been used at massive scale (node.js is actually used to do some really cool high scale massive volume things).

The other things to think about and you can see from how active they are on the forum the Bubble team want to work with us. So if you see a bottleneck or some performance issue let them know and they will probably work on it (if its a real bug and not just something that has been poorly worked, even then I have seen them offer advice on how to do it better). Even more than that if you have this massive scale social media system and its running on Bubble tech how excited do you think the bubble team would be to make sure that its working great. Its such a massive plus for them to shout about that they have this cool new social media platform on bubble I am sure they would do everything possible to make sure it runs great.

The final thing to think about, its a “nice problem to have”. If at the end of the day you get millions of users your going to have so much money being thrown at you as investments or you’ll be making so much money from the user base in someway, that you could commission custom things to be built in bubble or if bubble doesn’t end up being the right fit when you hit your millions of users then you’ll have the money to move to a different system.

The hardest part of the process will be getting there, I wouldn’t let scalability stop you from choosing bubble as its a fictional problem at the moment that could be causing you to procrastinate. With all the major benefits of choosing bubble to rapidly get you up and running (possibly within weeks) at such a small price (from $19 a month).

Just my thoughts feel free to ignore them :smiley:



@chrislarge305 Great feedback!! Thanks a lot for the explanation, it makes so much sense and made my mind clearer now. Bubble it is then!!!

No problem glad I could help :slight_smile:

When building a startup, the more important point is building for product-market fit. The significant advantage of Bubble is that you can iterate quickly to build a product your customers truly enjoy using.

It’s good to ask questions around scale. But, as @nicolas_dap said, that is a good problem to have. Bubble, as a platform, should meet (most all of) your needs at this stage.

Regardless, any successful startup rebuilds their product multiple times. If you use Bubble properly, your work will be clean and fairly well (self) documented, which team members down the line will certainly appreciate. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @dan1, I appreciate your advise which I totally agree with:)

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