📝 Bubble Wishlist App by Zeroqode

Hey there, AMAZING Bubble community :wave:

We’re excited to share with you our small, but hopefully, an impactful app built exclusively for all of us here.

Behold, Bubble Community Ideas Wishlist (BWL) :sunglasses:

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 11.28.29

The Mission of the app is to give all of us a structured way to discuss and share feedback between ourselves and with the Bubble Core team.

We noticed that there has been a fair number of requests for making something like that on this very forum, after a ton of absolutely great ideas were proposed (and well-described) by @fayewatson, @petter. @yusaney1, @ryan16, @eli, @JohnMark and many many other wonderful members of this great community.

So @fayewatson (a million kudos to you Faye!) has finally created the most complete and up-to-date version of the community ideas that we all know and love (and others done by @AliFarahat and other good folks too)! Faye has been even more amazing and was (still is) keeping track of the ones that were delivered and which ones yet haven’t, which made this thread the best we had so far for Wishlist management.

It was almost there, but it requires constant attention from Faye, and there is no way to prioritize this easily to give more clarity to everyone on what should be done first.

So we decided it may be helpful to turn this:

into this (here’s a direct link example):

In short, the current features (kept to an absolute minimum on purpose):

  • :new: Posting New Ideas (with description, titles and pictures\gifs\links as necessary)
  • :white_check_mark: Upvoting\Downvoting Ideas
  • :mag_right: Searching for the Open and Done Ideas
  • :iphone: Fully Mobile Responsive UI\UX :sunglasses:
  • :link: Direct links to particular ideas to be used for discussions on this forum

Future Roadmap (that we want to get community feedback for first)

  • :left_speech_bubble: Comments\Discussions about the items
  • :page_with_curl: Separate Pages for Ideas with more real estate for UI and features
  • :pushpin: Tags\Categories for Ideas
  • :trophy: Leaderboards\Scoreboards to show the biggest contributors\most popular ideas, etc.
  • :stop_sign: Moderation (approvals, editing, etc.) for submitted ideas (for Admins - @fayewatson, if you’re interested to help us to moderate this, we’re going to appreciate this a bunch :slight_smile:)

and so much more :slight_smile:

So long story short - here’s a 2-minute Loom video of me talking about all of the above (completely overusing the word AMAZING :sweat_smile:) and showing a bit of how the interface looks like.

Super excited about getting your feedback and finding, fixing and improving things for all of us Bubble fanboys moving forward with the help of this wishlist, and what grows out of it.

Enjoy :hugs:

P.S. To avoid any possible confusion - we included a disclaimer that Wishlist is a ZQ project, not affiliated directly with Bubble, so that @emmanuel and @elisa would not come after us :sweat_smile:


Nicely done @vladlarin! I’ve upvoted my favorites :slight_smile:


Thank you @eli! :pray:

Hi @vladlarin,

Very nice work.

My suggestion would be to update the “wish list” and be able to vote directly on the Bubble forum. Several attempts have failed in the past because the community does not seem to get out of its good habits of staying on the forum, for lack of time or otherwise. If you could synchronize your page with the forum in real time, the cycle would be complete imo.


Thank you @JohnMark!

Good point! We would love to have that integrated with Discourse directly somehow.
Happy to expose APIs for list, vote, upvote&downvote too.

We won’t be able to do this on our own though :slight_smile: someone from Bubble team would have to help us out to facilitate the integration with their system, if it all feasible.

I would absolutely love to have the Bubble Oauth2 and embedded integrations for dynamic display here on the forum :sunglasses:

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Oh you’re talking to me! Hahah
Anyway, great app!

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Thanks Vini!

Yes, absolutely :sunglasses:

We got a first new idea proposed :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 16.43.04

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@vladlarin Checked out the site - Looks great! Went ahead and created an account.

This may be an unpopular opinion - What’s your view on a downvote? From my perspective, it’d give me a vote to not pursue a particular idea that I would find not useful given my 3 years of experience.

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Thank you @w.fly!

Downvote currently only works for the items that you have previously Upvoted.
Meaning, it’s more of an un-vote than a downvote :slight_smile:

So you can’t really draw the rating of an item negative currently.
Are you suggesting that we add such a possibility?

Let me know please, and thanks a lot for your feedback!

Great execution, @vladlarin! :+1:

Of course, the $64K question is if/how the Bubble team itself will be involved in this effort. Without the system being “sanctioned” by Bubble or somehow “officially” incorporated into their process, it will be difficult for me, personally, to justify spending time using yet another system - especially one created by a 3rd party - to document my feature requests.

Currently, we have the Ideas forum with the ability to :heart: posts as a means to upvote; and Bubble does actually monitor that. Additionally, Bubble has made it clear (having explicitly inquired about this myself on more than one occasion) that direct email to support is the “official channel” for submitting feature requests.

I would certainly prefer a more collaborative and transparent solution like you’ve developed, and I’ve conveyed that to Bubble on more than one occasion. In fact, the ideal solution, in my mind, would be a Bubble-built “issue tracker” for not only feature requests but bugs as well, with the ability to upvote as well as tag entries (bug, feature request, urgent, back burner, UI, etc.) - not unlike github issues.

That said, at the very least, to the extent that it’s used by the community, it’ll surely be a great resource for ZQ to gauge potential offerings.

Anyway, great job! :slightly_smiling_face:


@vladlarin The un-vote works well. I meant more along the lines of voting down an idea that I haven’t upvoted before.

Just as an example, I don’t particular care for native iOS/Android functionality in Bubble so I would downvote that idea. As far as it going negative, I don’t think that would be necessary - If it’s 0, you can’t downvote again. It it is more than 1, it can be downvoted to 0.

Just a suggestion though :slight_smile:


Thank you SO much for such a thorough and spot-on feedback @sudsy!
It is very much appreciated!

I fully agree with you that absolutely nobody needs yet another tracker (or pretty much any system\app) without the obvious value in using it.

Here we’re dealing with a variation of a classical “2-sided marketplace”, in which should we want the app to be useful to anyone at the end of the day - it should bring tangible results for everyone involved - us (the Community) and Bubble (the Makers).

We intentionally started as simple as it was possible to validate the Community part of the equation first. From the vibe we’re getting today from y’all, this was totally worth the shot, and we can consider the first step to be in the right direction.

The second step is as you correctly pointed out - show to Bubble team that having such a system can be helpful to them as well, taking something heavy off their plates (like, building and maintaining a similar front-end) and bringing solid value instead (like, having a short and easily measurable feedback loop from the Community on what hurts&excites us the most).

We see a lot of ways we can make this work technically, and we intend to do a few steps with gradually increasing complexity to iterate on how to extract the feedback summaries that the system is going to be producing for Bubble’s review and consideration.

Starting with a simple visual report of the top 10-15 most wanted items, continuing with the breakdown per category (features, UI, improvements, like you said), all the way to potential bidirectional integration with Bubble’s existing ticketing system (should we get their buy-in on that, of course).

So let’s see what we can come up with, what traction it will gain, and how fast we can learn on the mistakes that will definitely happen :sweat_smile:

Until then - please keep the feedback coming :sunglasses:

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Thank you, now it’s clear and making a lot of sense :slight_smile:

I noted this down as a feature we should definitely consider.

Maybe we should try eating our own dog food in the process and do a small feature voting subsection next to the main Bubble voting thread in the app? :grinning:

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Thanks everyone for the warm reception!

It may be a little premature, but we actually have people coming onto the platform and posting stuff (and voting, of course), so we got some traction going on :sunglasses:

Some stats from the launch yesterday:

:people_holding_hands: 20 User Signups
:white_check_mark: 56 Total New Votes
:new: 6 New Items Proposed

I realized a small UX tweak we did not think of while on the internal testing stage (talking about real-world feedback).

:asterisk: Currently, when a person is creating a new idea, the idea starts out with 0 votes. While it actually makes sense for the system to count the author’s vote right from the start.

Will push this is the next update, along with issue Categorization and Summaries.

Thank you, Community :pray:

I noticed the same issue this morning when posting my first idea. Thank you for the proactive fix.
Another usability issue that I realized: There are currently still only less than 60 ideas out there and it is already quite an effort to scroll through the listing. Is there a way to toggle visibility of the details to only show headers. This would enable searching for an existing similar idea before posting a dupe.

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Great point, thank you @SerPounce!

I also had a feeling that we may not be using the screen real estate with max efficiency.
Adding that to our backlog of items for the release next week :white_check_mark:

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Quick update for everyone interested in the concept - we’ve added a number of UX tweaks and smaller (but expected) and bigger features to our release planned for tomorrow.

We’re super-focused (and excited) on this solution actually bringing value to the community, and we’re going to get there soon :sunglasses:


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Hi All!

We planned a major release today with the Summaries feature, but decided to push live a few simpler UI\UX tweaks first, along with some traction updates first, giving the Summaries a bit more time for testing and validation.


:people_holding_hands: 35 User Signups
:white_check_mark: 97 Total Votes
:new: 13 New Items Proposed


4 Tweaks :wrench: + 2 Features :new:

:wrench: After the user agrees to the Disclaimer, it does not appear again for this user
:wrench: New Items get automatically upvoted by the author when created
:wrench: Added the Cancel button to the search input to reset the current search criteria
:wrench: Added the Confirmation Popup after creating an idea

:new: Added User Profile and ability to upload a profile pic, change name and password

:new: Added the ability to Edit and Delete your own ideas (also available for Admins)

Next Stop:

:soon: Tabs for Sorting Ideas
:soon: Voting Summaries and Leadership Boards

Thanks to everyone for using the Wishlist, and stay tuned for more updates :sunglasses:

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BRAVO! :clap: :clap:

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