Roadmap? User ideas wishlist?

my name is Thiago, I’m a business student from Brazil.
is it there a roadmap of development of Bubble?
If not, I’m asking for it here.
Also, is there a pinned topic with a list of most wanted new features/wishlist?


Hi @Thiago,

Check out this link this is hopefully what you are looking for :slight_smile:.

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Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

I saw that page but found it a little hard to read?
I guess I meant → "I want to know about the future plans? (features, goals).

Image of a example development roadmap:

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They used to have a roadmap but it doesn’t look like they have it anymore sadly.

How much I’d wish if Bubble had something like Webflow’s

We constantly suggest ideas such as this but the bubble team hardly ever acts on it.


Gonna build an app for us to suggest ideas and vote them lol

They sound so ambitious in the Medium post about raising $6M … Begs the question,
how they plan do spend it…

I’m being so direct here because, I’m following tutorials for the past 3 days and
still having trouble really learning how things work, and develop for my own app…
maybe I’m too dumb… and maybe they still need dumb down some things lol

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I agree with your comments. They need to “dumb down” :slight_smile: a lot of things. They’re adding a lot of features fast (and thats a good thing) but the only problem is that its increasingly hard for non coders to understand how the hell you squeeze these features out of the app.


Maybe you can build it using Bubble. (Maybe not so funny.)

Actually, for what Bubble needs to do, I don’t think $6M is a lot to work with.

Hopefully they’ll ramp up documentation, basic training and communication with the community. I’m not slamming the team. They have a lot that needs doing and even with $6M, it can’t all get done at once, or even quickly. However, it would be great to see better communication to loyal users.


Here’s our take on this one :slight_smile:

@eve @josh Perfect use case for you guys to use Announcefly for this, which coincidentally is built on Bubble!