Bubble with webflow UI editing

I am using bubble for two weeks now i love what its capable of but it would be awesome if bubble has a UI designing tool like webflow even though you can hack around with bubble to achieve your UI but just saying webflow like UI editing would be badass.

Is there any plans in the future to change the UI editor @emmanuel ?

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Which specific elements of the UI are you missing?

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Margins is one big thing to find out the difference between two elements would be awesome for example in header navigation i am adding space between elements just by guessing if there is some way where we can measure difference would be sick :slight_smile:

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Can you share some screenshots?

This is a guess work that i did to look good idk what the difference between each nav link

Did i make sense to you? for other example in photoshop or sketch when you want to space between elements you hold option and you can see the distance in pixels. That feature would be awesome

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This distance would be different depending on the screen size anyways because bubble is responsive.

The workaround to make spacing the same as a 1366px wide Sketch design is to use a custom grid or draw a rectangle and place it in between each link.

That should fix it for you for now?

Thats how i have been doing, it works but i am just saying that would make life easier

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Have you used the ‘Distribute Horizontally’ option? For example, if you wanted to make buttons in a navigation menu equally spaced apart from each other:

Original set up (inconsistent spacing between buttons):

Then select each button:

Go to → Arrange → Distribute Horizontally:

And the result is the buttons having equal spacing between each other (saves a lot of time! :slight_smile: )


Thats awesome i didn’t know that now thank you this is will save lot of my time :smile:

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I was more talking about what the tools look like in webflow.


Blast from the past here, but since Webflow was featured on Product Hunt this week I thought I would nudge this. Not sure what to actually ask - most of the detailed controls over interactions that Webflow seems to over are overkill for a n00b like me. But maybe it can serve as inspiration for the team?

(this is an animated gif on their website, hopefully it plays here?)

Perhaps, having dynamic widths and hight settings (for text boxes, buttons and groups) would be useful and being able to align/magnet elements to something (say left side or right side) would be great too.


You can use the focus group to place an element relatively to another one :slight_smile:

Having the ability to use 100% controls on width/height for groups so we can create optimized sidebars would be amazing.

Is there any way to do that now?