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Getting a designer involved?

My design skills aren’t very good, but I don’t really want to spend money on a designer to tell me the obvious stuff (like I want a menu) or things that aren’t possible in Bubble (although … is there much these days ?).

In the past I have used services like psd2html to get designs straight into “code”.

But I wonder how this would work with Bubble. If I engage early, I just have a psd. Which doesn’t help that much. I could ask for the assets and fonts etc.

Alternatively, could I create the site in rough form, then hand it over to a designer to make it look good with the bounds of what I have created ?

Anyone have any thoughts or experiences of using Bubble collaboratively with a designer ?

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My thinking was your last point. Get the site up and running, using a Material Design theme (I’m a sucker for all things Googley) and then sit down with a designer friend to make it pretty.

My main concern with this is that my web app will have lots and lots of input boxes, repeating groups etc. and changing the size of these will be very difficult once everything is in place.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling:

Yes, a conundrum. I wonder if it would be possible to do something like Bootstrap (although I prefer MD look as well) that has set sizes for fields etc.

So the designer would have a set of constraints about fields and their size/look, but could do the rest ?

Might try to think of a simple app and see if I can do something before and after on Fiverr.

I’m reading the forum as my Facebook / replacement on my phone, so can’t check this out for a while, but is it possible to set up button sizes and drop down menu sizes to a default in the “back end.”? That would help me a lot…

No, they are “drawn” on. So they are not the same size. It would really help, I think, to be able to set this as default and then drop them on the page.

I wonder if there is something CSSy that would help in this way.

Really, I want to be able to “skin” the app.

For other properties than size, that’s what styles are for. They should replace CSS in some ways, instead of classes, you define styles, and you modify the styles in the styles tab. That will impact all elements on that style in the app.

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Could a style also define the size @emmanuel

I know it fundamentally changes the way the UI works… But I really want all buttons the same size, all inputs the same size. And I suspect I am not alone.

What I end up doing is copying and pasting a button that is about right.

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We thought about it, but it’s a tricky one. Because a lot of elements share the same style but have different sizes. I’ll think about it, maybe could be an option on the style or something.


I’d second that.
Although maybe cut and paste of buttons is good enough for making mock up designs, if you want to “rough build” the system and then make the design pretty, you are going to have a huge job changing things.

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I know, I was thinking about limiting the sizes.

Bootstrap offers limited “styles” and also only 4 sizes.

The job of changing all Medium to Small … might not be as huge.

I could (somehow !) let a designer know what the options were for input and button sizes etc.

Styles works well for Warning / Info etc.

What you then need to be able to do is clone the sizes … so, if we had a “Format Painter” functions, I could have my 4 button sizes off screen, and just clicky-clicky to make the on screen ones the right size.

Hopefully I am making myself clear, I have worked with designers using Bootstrap, based on low-fi wireframes I did in Balsamiq (which has a Bootstrap template). It limited the choices in a number of areas.

So they could only have 20 combinations of buttons. 4 sizes and 5 styles. That works by doing the design in advance, but that is much harder, as you then have to explain unrealised ideas (this was a full time job, so plenty of time to get requirements) …

Doing it post the event… so rough build. Does that work the same ? Changing styles works, sizes is the difficult bit.

“Format Painter” would be awesome @emmanuel :wink:

It would be nice to be able to define our own styles in a CSS view and then be able to add classes or IDs to the elements.

@NigelG are you still thinking of getting a designer involved. I was thinking about this after working together in Unpredictable layouts?

we have trained our designer to work directly in Bubble editor. So there are 2 ways, either the designer create the design first and then visual programmer adds the functionality on top of it. Or the visual programmer creates basic layouts and functionality and then the designer improves the visuals. Both ways work very well. we avoid using photoshop (only for creating required graphics) in order not to do duplicate work.


If you have a dedicated designer I think that works well.

But I was thinking more about a freelance designer getting involved.

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Let me know if you want to talk. Maybe we can work together :slight_smile:

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I’m using Neonto for mobile apps, and they have a pretty nifty “Import from Sketch” feature. Every designer I’ve worked with for the past couple of years uses Sketch for everything, so in my dream ideal world there’d exist a pipeline for that. Also in my dream ideal world, there’d be a plugin for Neonto to hit the Bubble API, but alas, that doesn’t exist either. Yet.

Get in touch :slight_smile:

I too think this option would be excellent to have.

@JustinC would like to assist you