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Can Bubble API extract front-end designs?

Hey guys

I am looking into the possibility of having a hybrid native app built.

I have a repeating group in the bubble editor with some designs (color shades, buttons etc).
Rather then replicating the repeating group + designs in native code; is it possible to display the entire repeating group as it is in my bubble app, on the native application as a “web representation” while also allowing for any elements within the repeating group to retain their workflow actions.

If the API doesn’t support this yet that’s ok. I’m curious to know though, as it would make development costs much cheaper :grin:


It’s actually a use case I’ve never thought about. I don’t think you need the API to do this, you could just have the repeating group in an iframe (or a web view for a native app), and display the page. The API would just give you access the things, but you’ll need to build the UI yourself.

Thanks for the thoughts Emmanuel.
I’m not too familiar with APIs or native development, but I figured the web view was doable. I will checkout iFrame


Did you figure this out? It seems like a totally awesome idea, importing a UI design from an API.

I don’t think it can be done at the moment.

Like Emmanuel was saying; the UI could be replicated without having to build it again by using a web view (or iFrame)

  • my question applied specifically to web app UI compiled to native app UI

I don’t think a web view requires an API; but relying exclusively on web views for a native app might result in a less smooth user experience.

I agree though an API that can get UI designs would be pretty sweet. Would almost make things too easy! :smile:

Am interested in the application of this, particularly for design related things.

Something I have thought about is a designer being able to upload colour palette, images etc and for them to be able to preview a page I have built. Basically I want a designer to make my pages look great :slightly_smiling:

That is a good thought Nigel. I think it would be cool if an area within the Bubble community could be established where a thing like this could be done securely.
Maybe like how the forum works; a section where users could request assistance from other Bubble users for design implementations. There are definitely complementary skills within the bubble community.

Perhaps a designer could be granted access by the owner, to his/her bubble editor: without having access to things like the workflow page and database; simply to focus on the UI.

And with Bubbles recent feature to restore an application to a specific date/time. A designer altering another users UI; would not pose much issue, if in fact the owner did not approve of certain changes.

A feature like this would involve a lot of time and energy for the Bubble team. But it could be a powerful direction for the growth of the community.

Or…:neutral_face: A designer could only gain access, if the owner of the application was simultaneously logged in, and viewing the bubble editor as well: and an internal video chat could take place between builder and designer…

That could open up a whole other revenue stream for builders and designers alike.

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