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I know Bubble is more of a web app building tool than a tool for building a content site. However, my app will also have lots of content and I am not a coder by any stretch. Because it has things like user accounts , I would like to use Bubble but still find a way to store content like videos, blog posts and serve them up according to the logic and /or queries I build in. Is this doable on Bubble? if so what are the general steps? Thanks much!

Well considering Wordpress is essentially a web app. There is no reason you couldn’t mimic most of what it can do. And Wordpress can do everything you listed. BUT, I would even go as far as to say you have even more control with Bubble.

I’d start with thinking through you’re data structure, aka Information Architecture (whiteboard it even). Going from there, would be much easier.

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Yes it is completely doable. Even far more complex things are doable here. The general steps depend on yourself, but I suggest you to begin with the built in lessons and then trying to build a simple system that allows you to make blog posts.

Don’t worry about login and other non-core stuff. Just focus on making the core of it now, which is inputting a blog post and then displaying it in the index (initial) page, then go from there.

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Thank you, this is helpful, appreciate the help!

Okay that makes sense. I am trying to sketch stuff out on paper as much as possible, but need to dig deeper for this one thing, thank you!

Honestly, i would not use bubble for a blog.

You’d be better off with Wordpress + Elementor or Webflow.

Speaking of sketching out ideas I’ve started to just sketch ideas out right inside Bubble since it’s so quick to build.

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Thank you, agree. My struggle is this is not a blog, although it has blog-like posts that are part of the solution

By that do you mean “prototyping”? That was my intent, to build something not pretty but functional so I could understand, test and explain to someone who can build out later. IS that what you were referring to?

Yup. I have been totally skipping any design or workflow pre-work and going straight to Bubble with new projects or even new pages within projects. Granted, I’m not a designer or developer so it was never a big process for me anyway. I tried jumping straight into it like this with the basic WYSIWYG options like Squarespace but it was too easy to get bogged down. Bubble has been so intuitive and quick for me as soon as I have an idea of what I want to do I just build it in a few minutes.

I feel like I’m starting to sound biased but in all honesty I’ve been freaking out about Bubble since a friend introduced me to it last month. There are definitely improvements to be made but the team seems to genuinely care about making things right.

Not to mention the help from the forum. This is one of the best communities I’ve ever come across. Shout out to @mebeingken! This guy has DM’ed with me countless pages of help and I see him helping all the time in public posts.

There are also those who are here selling plugins but even most of them seem genuinely helpful and are selling great products.

I’m in the mode of giving back now that I’ve gotten so much help so hit me up via DM if you need any help with the basics.


The technology is already out there for blogging. However if you want to be creative, organic and do things they don’t do, then Bubble would be great in my opinion.

Personally don’t like the linearity of Blog expression. I would like to see blogs in more of circular and inter-relational manner.

A repeating group where each element could contain copy, images, videos, sound clips and animations could be a way to go but that alone will not make your creation unique.

I would think that the limitations are subject to your creativity, and your budget. With Bubble you can fly! I feel…

Freelance Developer

yes I cannot agree more, by far the best bunch of friendly experts I have ever come across in my life!!

Thank you @mente12 - that helps a lot. I hit a wall yesterday wondering if I was doing this all wrong by not using Wordpress, but you articulated correctly my concerns with Wordpress for this specific application. Any other tips on fitting in blog-like content would be enormously appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks, feel free to send me a private message (PM). With more details on your project and how it will be different.


Will do, thanks much!!

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