BUBBLE Wordpress Plugin

Not sure if this is possible, but I’m curious to know if Bubble would be able to have a plugin written for WP that would allow someone to embed their BUBBLE app into WP more than by using an IFrame.

i.e. more native and having it look like a WP page.

It could even have the option of acting as a WP theme all together.

For example you can have a main WP blog or WP website and when you browse to a specific page (or even blog post) within the blog post or on that page is the embedded BUBBLE application.

I would be interested in using this and having it written but I’m not sure if the Bubble team would think it’s feasible?

Seems easy enough to get working and with WP being so widely used it makes great sense… Especially for driving new users into BUBBLE from WP forums and WP plugin websites (there are thousands).


I want to create some apps in Bubble and then integrate them as plugins into my WordPress site.
How do I do this?
And no, I will not give up my WordPress site.
Has anybody done this?

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WP has a REST API, and Bubble has a REST API. Bubble makes it fairly easy to retrieve content from a REST API and incorporate it into your Bubble app. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s quite as simple to go the other way though - i.e. pull Bubble content into WP - at least not without some coding on the WP side. It’s totally doable but would require some PHP or JS skills.

Been thinking about this for a while. I cant help but think this should be a 3rd builder in bubble.

Its doable now, although not nearly as easy as it could be.

You might be able to get somewhere with:

Nice! Does not appear to support authentication, but definitely worth trying for public data! :+1:

watch this video …

What did you do? Any solutions you can share?