Looking for someone to help me develop a Wordpress plugin based off Bubble app


I’ve got an important project where I want to get my bubble app integrated as a wordpress plugin.

I’d love to find someone experienced in this field who can help me learn how to do this as efficiently as possible, whether that’s directing me towards the relevant learning resources, and answering my questions as I go. Less like a teacher, and more like a guide.

I’m an intermediate level bubble developer - the outer range of my expertise is API calls to and from Bubble. Outside of this I have a superficial understanding of Wordpress and HTML, and have dabbled in Python in the past, and no experience with PHP (which as I understand it is what Wordpress is built on). But I’m essentially a complete noobie with programming outside of Bubble.

But I have the time to dedicate to learning what I need to - I only don’t want to waste time learning what I don’t.

This would also be an experiment for me in peer-to-peer education, which is the real game I’m playing. So would be awesome to find someone who is also interested in exploring how such teacher/mentor relationship works best when done online.

Happy to compensate you for your time, we can discuss that privately.

If you are interested please PM me, or if you have recommendations on other places I should post this message, I’m all ears!


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Hi Matt,

I am a experienced developer and would be able to help you out on this…
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com

Best Wishes,

Hi Matt,

Sent you a PM with details. Your reply is awaited.


Hey, did you find someone for this? I am looking for something similar at this point and will be happy to share costs if possible to gain this knowledge.

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