Bubble + Xano (WU)

Basic level doubts about BUBBLE + XANO integration.

I need to scale a no-code app created in Bubble, for this I will integrate via API with Xano, but I have a question that I can’t find an answer to anywhere.

The question is about reducing Bubble’s WU consumption, so when a workflow is activated, we have, for example:

1- Create file in the database
2- Send an email
3- Scroll the screen to the top
4- Close a pop-up

My questions are the following:

a) When migrating the Backend to Xano, it is possible to replace only the action (1), the rest of the actions would have to remain with Bubble (2, 3 and 4), is this correct?

b) Do items (2,3,4) also consume WU? Or is it just records, searches and other actions involved in databases that generate consumption?

c) Transferring the back end in this way, just performing actions related to the Database, would generate significant WU savings to scale my application?

If anyone can share knowledge I would be very grateful.

a) Yes, of course
b) All server sided workflows consume WU, including sending an email. Client sided actions like 3 and 4 do not.
c) You can take a look at your logs tab and scroll down to workload by activity. You can click at each part of the chart and see how much workflow units are being used on database operations. You can then sum it up and see how much WU you would save by migrating to Xano

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