Suggestions needed

Hi guys/girls.

I need to create a fast and simple, pure backend app to:

  1. Receive an image file via email.
  2. Change it’s size (so basically convert it to certain size).
  3. Send it back to the sender.

Is bubble, the best solution here or is it better to use for it Xano?
I know Bubble is cheaper from what I know.

Any suggestions - how (plugins? etc.) and where to do it (bubble, or go for xano)?

Hi @michal.friedrich :wave:

I don’t know if it is going to be cheaper with Bubble now that we have limited amount of free WU to work with. If you expect to receive a lot of emails, then the usage of WU may be a problem as everything will be processed in backend. First you need to check how much does this operation will cost you (in WUs) in order to have a better understanding of your whole cost.

Thanks @rpetribu! I will definitely look into this.

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