External database workflows using Xano/Backendless/Supabase

For those of you using Xano, Backendless, Supabase, etc. for your backend: what do your Bubble workflows look like and how do you manipulate data on the Bubble side of things? Do you essentially replace all your “Do a search for:” actions with Get data from an external API? How complicated was it to switch?

Thinking about making the jump to one of the aforementioned services because I’m worried about how data retrieval will work at scale. I have lots of tabular data that gets displayed in my app and I want to make sure it’s retrieved as quickly as possible.

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This topic seems to be coming up a lot.

In my experience, it’s important to know that you can make a switch to an alternative, more performant platform. However, you don’t want to optimize until you absolutely need too. The reason is for cost. Consider, if you optimize for 1mm users but you only ever reach 10,000. You might have done a considerable amount of costly but truly unnecessary work.

The Bubble backend is performant enough to scale within a reasonable amount. And if you get in a bind you can request more capacity from them until you can make a switch to a different platform.

The way I see it, use the bubble backend until you reach a threshold limit that is absolutely intolerable. Then make the shift (unless you know from the start that it will be required).


I am bullish at on xano but bubbles native db is pretty Effin dope for most use cases

I believe @eli Beachy is developing a plug-in to make it easier to use Xano in Bubble and he’s asking for beta users. If you’re interested check out his Twitter post

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It’s not the technology that I really have an issue with it’s the cost of using another platform if it is not necessary. It adds complexity and it seems limited on the free Xano platform.

So you end up adding another $60+ / month expense to your app right at the outset?

(edit: see this relevant post: How to resample uploaded CSV and convert to Bubble field? - #3 by nathanlively)

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not necessarily. most apps do fine with bubbles native db until they gain lots of traction… just depends on use case.