Bubble Zapier Instagram POST

I want to post on Instagram from my Bubble app using Zapier. I’m using the Zapier plugin and I’m stuck on the Webhooks part. PLEASE HELP.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow posts through Zapier at this time. We can only pull posts. Let’s hope that changes soon :slight_smile: https://zapier.com/apps/instagram/integrations

There is a Zapier zap for Instagram. You’ll need to have an Instagram business account to use it.

However, with the Zapier integration you’re limited on a few things - we use to use it, but switched to the new Instagram API (see below): 100 posts/mo with the free Zapier tier, which might be ok for you or your users, and async posting. That means that you won’t get a response back if your post was successful or not - and really not much info why something went wrong. Finally, you can only post images and not videos.

You might want to consider using the new Instagram Content Publishing API.

With the API you’ll be able to:

  • Direct posting to Instagram. You and your users have a simpler set-up process, faster posting, and better status reporting.
  • The posting limit increased significantly. With Zapier you are only able to post 100 images a month. Now you can post upward of 750 a month, including videos.
  • You can now post videos.

Getting access to the Instagram API means Facebook approval - integration, video, written statements, and a business registered at FB. For that reason alternatives such as Zapier could be easier.

And to mention my own company, you can try Ayrshare. It is an API that allows you to post to seven different social networks, including Instagram images and videos, with just a single API connector call. Here is an article talking about how to integrate with Bubble.