Instagram Post Scheduling API with Bubble

I just want to know does any have experience with Instagram API integration with bubble. I want to make an app that can schedule & auto post posts on Instagram. Any Help or anyone can guide me

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Hey there @mujtabashuja,

I’d look into the Bubble API connector and this documentation provided by Facebook.

thanks & appreciated

No problem!

You should mark his answer as SOLUTION :v:

@johnny Do we have any update? did you go through the document?

My suggestion was for you to go over it, since it’s the same API Buffer and other social media management platforms use.

I agree Just wanted to know its possible with Bubble ?

Yes, use the API connector.

I answered a similar questions here:

Let me know if you need more help on the Instagram API. Basically Facebook and IG are the same process to get approval with slightly different API calls and scope permissions.

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