Bubblegram (Instagram clone) [3.0]

Hi, I’m back with my absurd creations :laughing:, today I want to share my instagram clone :smiley:

Link: https://bubblegram.bubbleapps.io

:star: update 3.0 :star:
*see your photos on the homepage | added
*random users in the explore users | added
*errors have been corrected | added


Facebook link doesn’t appear to be working but manual account registration is.

looks good. one comment: i registered with facebook (worked okay for me). The next thing I did was post a pic. I expected then, to see the pic, but instead nothing happened. Just more of a User eXperience thing, but i probably would have expected to see the picture uploaded. Even taking me to my page would be good.


login with facebook has bugs but am solving, greetings! : D

Check te new fixed version :smile:

Cool. What’s the objective here?

I’m doing it for fun, I will also do open source.


New version! [2.4] :smiley:

very nice. could you maybe make the app public? (for learning purposes)

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final test version [2.7] :grin:

nice. I signed up, uploaded a picture but the ‘home page’ stays empty. Would be nice to populate it with latest images or something…

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currently only you can see the photos of people you follow. :grin:

final beta [3.0][New Version] :smiley:

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I saw there is a version of this in the Bubble templates. Is it new? Also, you should setup a demo login if you want people to buy.

Your Tumblr template doesn’t have a working preview version. It just is a Bubble error that says there is no live page.

Hello, the bubblegram login works perfectly to be tested by users, the error with the tumblr blog has been solved thanks! :smiley:

looks good

Thanks bro :grin:

Hello @ultrajex, how can we use your template ? Can we clone your template on bubble ?