Looking for a developer to create an Instagram-like app for team communication...with a couple of tweaks!

I’m working on an annual project where I’ll be managing anywhere between 50 - 100 people. Our idea is to keep communication by building an app that’s similar to feed posts like instagram, with a few adjustments like the ability to add events, polls and checklists as a post.

I have mockups of the visual for anyone that is interested in tackling this project. My email is lmishelle@theghodkind.com Please reply here with recommendations or email me your rates.


Hi Lica,
I would be glad to assist you.
Sent you an email with further details.
Hoping for prompt response.

a typo! my email is lmishelle@theghoodkind.com. Look forward to your email

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Thanks Lica for sharing the correct email address.
Sending you the details via email shortly.

Hey did you check or instagram clone template? Zeroqode | No-code apps, plugins, native apps builder for bubble.io and more

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

let’s stay in touch on twitter!


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Hi Lica,

Sounds interesting.
Definitely something that is within my area of expertise.
I sent you an email…


Hi licamishelle,

I have developed the Instagram type of application 6 months back in Bubble. I think I can help you. Please mail me your requirement on, bubbler.david@gmail.com


Could help you with this. Please share the mockups at anil@techflux.co. I’ll be happy to assist you with an estimate.