Bubbler Banner making my app Unusable

Hello fellow bubbler’s.
I recently be contact from the users of my app regarding this picture v

The thing about this that makes it weird is I have the bubble banner and everything working fine for me, but noone else can make it work. I’ve saw one other person say something about this. If anyone else knows about what is going on. Please comment on this post!

We’ll need to see how your app is set up, or contact support@bubble.is. Without a link to the app editor, or at the very least images of your settings, it’s going to be impossible to help diagnose.

What other images would I need to provide?

Pictures of your settings, so we can see how it’s currently set up.

I have the same problem at the moment, looks like a bug to me as I haven’t changed anything regarding this.

Same, But Ill provide pictures.

This issue is fixes, sorry about that guys.

No Problem. Was just letting you know!

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