Bubble's Amazon getting blocked?

Hi Forum,

Wanted to know if anyone is having this problem.

A good number of my clients are telling me they can’t download document from my app because it is being blocked for being unsafe.

Is anyone else having that problem?

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I think, this was your browser settings. Kindly ensure https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/1519/

Is it just that document? Upload something else and see if they get the same message ?


I have notified Bubble and they said to me that this is a false-positive flag on their s3 bucket. They’ve reported this false-positive flag to Microsoft SmartScreen / Defender.

They have also suggested a fix in their reply to me which I’ve attached here.

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Maybe this solution solves the issue with S3 bucket. But I’m using a different approach on my app.
I just implement an Action call at the API Connect and pass the file URL. This way Bubble will host the file and delivery it on Bubble CDN.

This can solve the issue if you are trying to download from a different server, and is getting Microsoft SmartScreen alert.