Bubble Image URL being blocked in corp email

just seeing if anyone else is experiencing emails being totally blocked (not going to SPAM) in corp email.

I’m using POSTMARK which is stella, if i include an image URL the whole email gets totally blocked!!!. when i remove the bubble image URL it fly’s through

Is the image URL the standard https://s3.amazonaws.com/appforest/… ?

There has been an ongoing issue with Windows Defender/Smart Screen marking all Bubble files (maybe all AWS S3 files, IDK) as unsafe files. Maybe your corporate email protection shares a common system?

The main issue seems to have gone away, but Bubble started a fix where the new URLs are https://[your app name].cdn.bubble.io/[uid]/filename for new uploaded files. Maybe see if a reuploaded file with that new URL makes it past your corporate email?

@tylerboodman Thanks! i’ve tested both the previous URL format as well as the new https://[your app name].cdn.bubble.io/[uid] and the same result …totaly scuppered… a general URL to any random image i find presents no problem. Thanks… i’ll keep check and raise a bug report and …drop a note back eher incase anyone finds themselves in the same boat

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