Microsoft Edge flagging files "This site has been reported as unsafe"

When trying to open files from our Bubble website in Microsoft Edge, we are just being redirected to “This site has been reported as unsafe”.
This is all files.

I have been in contact with Bubble support, but there is no fix yet.

Other having this issue?
Any workarounds?


We’ve been receiving customer reports of this happening with their files too - we need to file a bug report

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Yes, please also report it.
It does not seem like Bubble is taking the issue seriously right now. Bubble just tells me to use the report form in the “This site has been reported as unsafe” message.

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Be aware there’s an Edge update being pushed out today. Look for the green arrow in the upper right corner. Restarting the browser might fix this as I’m not seeing this problem and Edge is my main browser.

Still flagging.
It’s not directly an Edge problem, it’s Windows Defender that blocks Bubbles Amazon s3 files storage. If a company uses Windows defender it will block files, even in other browsers :frowning:

I’m also having a few users report this. Did anyone get an update from Bubble?

Same here. Seeing the warning, too.

Yea, the support team just says there is no solution other than moving files away from Bubble… @emmanuel is there really no other solution to the Windows Defender file block issue?

This issue seems resolved, can you confirm @rhea @andy.i @treb.gatte @exception-rambler ?

Yes, it’s resolved on my end.

How was this fixed? I am having the issue on Edge (updated).

The issue is back :frowning:

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Same, seeing the issue as well

Having this issue now as well. I’m surprised there’s no response from Bubble here, it’s a pretty big issue. Any app built on Bubble is potentially losing a lot of credibility because of this.


Have the same issue. I flagged the bug to, waiting for their response

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For all who have this issue - the support team let me know there is kind of a temporary fix:

This fix here for you is to point the files to For example, if a current URL is, you’ll want to change this to

This worked for me.


That sadly does not work for private files ::


Bubble Support needs to do the following as an organizational representative has to do this process.

There is a link on the reporting page for the site owner to reply to Microsoft.

This is an issue with MIcrosoft Defender SmartScreen.

The issue is that it’s affecting all Bubble apps and not only the ones that contain malicious files.