Bubble's LinkedIn Login Plugin Not Populating User Data

Was able to install and set up the LinkedIn login plugin by Bubble, it does allow a User to login via LinkedIn, generates a User record for the user, however none of the LinkedIn profile information populates the new User’s record. The result is a new User is made, but all the data fields, including their email are left blank.

Please advise.


Are you trying to access the information from the current logged in user.
I have experienced a bug which bubble indicated was intentional that you can only view the LinkedIn data of the current user (a security thing so that LinkedIn details aren’t exposed to other users)
To get around it you just create some field within the user and save the data at the time of authentication

Thanks for the heads up Chad!

I am making a SSO pop-up component that uses the Google and LinkedIn plugins where a User can either Sign Up or Login in with either.

The Google one work just fine in both circumstances and creates a New User record that captures the User’s email in the ‘email’ field in the User Database.

However, the LinkedIn plugin will allow a New User to create a record, but their email isn’t captured in the User record in the database and all input fields are rendered as blanks even though it still lets them be logged in and generates a new User for them. I tried this with my own LinkedIn credentials in the SSO process and confirmed these results.

Does this security bug mean that User’s cannot ‘Sign Up’ with LinkedIn plugin since it won’t actually capture their profile email in the Bubble User database? This issue is obviously compounded by Bubble’s restrictions on User data Privacy Settings which prohibits a User from modifying their own ‘email’ field. The result is LinkedIn SSO signed up new Users will always have a blank email field they can’t personally update.

If this is the case, then it would seem this plugin is not a solution when an app requires all Users have an associated email with their account?

Thanks again for the reply.

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