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Hi @lindsay_knowcode, I’ve really enjoyed your plugin, thanks so much!

I recently changed my LinkedIn API Key, and now existing users say “Email already registered” as if it were using sign up instead of log in. I don’t get the same error with the Official LinkedIn Plug in. Any ideas?

Interesting, It does sound like a signup attempt. With oauth they are closely related - I’ll look closely tomorrow morning my time (Uk)

Basically login and signup are the almost the same thing with oauth. It might be to do with the workflows - some thing like “create user if not already exists” (by looking at the LinkedIn Id)

Thanks a million! Really appreciate it!

OK @lindsay_knowcode. The mistake was on my end, not yours. After running your plug in, I wasn’t differentiating between existing accounts and new accounts. I had to set up two sets of actions in the workflow, one for updating existing users, and one for creating new ones. Sorry to bother you!

Good work :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: Yes it’s very easy to overlook these types of things :upside_down_face:

Hi @lindsay_knowcode

I need your help please!

I bought your LinkedIn plugin and I believe I’ve followed everything to the letter.

I created the LinkedIn app and the Sign In with LinkedIn product.

I submitted the business case for the LinkedIn Marketing Developer Platform (now called Advertising API), which was successful and I can see the “r_basicprofile” API endpoint is available.

I’ve mirrored your worflows from

But unfortunately, it looks like I’ve missed a step because everything is working from a login point of view, but the database is completely empty.

Please let me know what you need to help me fix it and be able to retreive the LinkedIn user email etc.

Thanks :pray:

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Just need to debug your Bubble app a little bit to see if the email is returned and then saved. Will likely be some minor thing. If you are happy to give me access to your app I can take a look - this is much less time-consuming than rounds of me asking you to send screenshots of your workflows :slight_smile:

I’ll DM you with details.