Bubble's Mailchimp plugin error

I’m encountering an error with Bubble’s Mailchimp plugin:

Anyone else experiencing this? It’s not happening in development mode, only live so I’m going to check the API keys first.

Hi @sydney22,

It looks like whatever you’re doing to try to pass in an email address is not working because the error specifies that the email_address field is being left blank; thus returning that error.

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@johnny That would make sense. What’s weird is that I’m passing the Current User’s email after the user has been signed up. Maybe I need to put the action more downstream in the workflow or use the email input’s value instead. It could be that the Current User’s email hasn’t had enough time to germinate so to speak.

Have you checked your privacy rules?

Thanks, @johnny I think I figured it out. I had a conditional set that was preventing the sign up from happening in the first place, thus the email field was empty.