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MailChimp Error Messages

Hey @romanmg,

I’m having an issue with the plugin. I want to subscribe them to my list when they sign up and then have that information push to Mailchimp (MC). In the sign up I have a field called “general contractor” and I have created that field in MC as a “user type”.

When I test the sign up, I keep getting this message.

Here is my registration:

Here is MC:

Here is my action:

Here is my error:

Hi @mgray,

The error looks like it’s due to the first three field settings that aren’t correct:

  1. Data center looks incorrect. If you look at the front of the URL in your Mailchimp account, looks like your data center is us19. Swap that out for the placeholder that is currently “us01”

  2. list_id is not your api key. You need to go to your Mailchimp list settings to get the list id (it’ll be in a red font color)

  3. You still need to fill in the subscriber email address as MD5 hash in that 3rd field in the action settings. See this:

Also, just in case - check that your API key is correct in the plugin settings (not the action settings in the workflow). The key you happened to enter in the action settings looks really short, so just want to make sure you have the right key in the plugin settings. This will help you find the right key:

You can find more instructions here on the plugin too:

Update all of those first and give it another try.

Hi @romanmg

Thanks for this plugin. I’ve been using it successfully to enroll my new users into Mailchimp.

Now I’ve built a feature for my current users to update their email address in Bubble, so I want to also update their email address on Mailchimp (and also update their Mailchimp first and last names to match Bubble).

So I use the Mailchimp Extended - Update Member action, and I think I’ve followed your instructions correctly with the MD5 email hash setting for current email, and making sure the new email is lowercase. see workflow screenshot.

But I get this error (there are two screenshots to capture entire error message):

Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 10.03.17 AM

Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 10.05.28 AM

I know my data_center and list_id are correct because they work on my signup page.

Also, in my workflow if the new email address = the current email stored in Mailchimp, then Mailchimp does NOT throw an error, and the user’s first and last names are successfully updated in Mailchimp - the only value not working is the new email. So I think I’ve got the settings correct, but something about that new email format is incorrect.

I’ve tried pulling the new email address from the input (as shown in screenshot), and I also tried pulling it from the database (including wrapping the action in a custom event). But I get the same error message.

Please advise. Thank you very much!