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Bubble's Multi-File Uploader - How to style for improved appearance

How do you guys change the “hospital green” background of the Multi-File Uploader?
Javascript to add CSS?
A more customizable plugin?
Other suggestions?


Has anyone managed to style it? I tried by adding an HTML element with CSS.

#test {background-color:white !important}

Assigned the ID “test” to the Multi File Uploader.

Didn’t work.

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I managed to resolve this by replacing any element background within the upload control with the preferred color.

  1. Add a Multi File Uploader to your page.

  2. Enable "Expose ID attribute (…) in App Settings.

  3. Assign an id to your Multi File Uploader.

  4. Add a HTML element to your page with the following value:

    #multifileuploader-id *{background-color:white;}

Replace the multifileuploader-id with your id value.

I still think the Bubble Teamp should add a background style property for the row element though…


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Nice tip - I find the Multi File Uploader unnecessarily ugly, and have to mess around with custom states, transparency to make it look reasonable.

By the way I’m moving this into tips category

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So, what do you use for multi file upload?

I also connected the File Dialog to a button so I could hide the Multi File Uploader completely.

I do agree that it is ugly.