Bubbles new floating banner

Thank you @Bubble! This looks much better than the previous style and much less intrusive. :slight_smile:


Can you consider adding an option to choose the position (left, right, center)?
Most of chat system/customer care are located on bottom right.


I’m still seeing the old banner on desktop @bubble

Could we please make the shadow black with opacity rather than a lighter colour so we don’t get a clash like this on dark backgrounds… :slight_smile: @Bubble


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old banner above

Its a nice change, definitely less intrusive. But I agree, it needs to be flexible in the positioning like @Jici mentioned.

Yeah the dropshow might be a tad on the heavy side.

I’m seeing the new banner on your site @nocodeventure .

Maybe try clearing browser cache? Are you on Chrome?

Yes I’m on Chrome. I see the new banner on mobile phone just not on my desktop with Chrome.

Sounds like a cached issue then if its displaying okay on the mobile device.

Perhaps try clearing cache (ctrl + shift + del) select ‘cached images and files’ to clear.

Also try logging out of your Bubble account and re-testing, could be related.

Last thought, maybe another browser test on your machine to double check things.

Much improved!

However, I humbly submit that (like in many parts of the UI) the excess verbosity can be eliminated. I also think the background color suggestion proposed in this excellent post would be a great improvement in contrast and readability.

Here are a couple quick samples with these points in mind…

Dark Background


Light Background


EDIT: And oh yeah, I definitely agree with @Jici about the option to left, center, or right align!


Really like this one. Clean and simple. Target reached. I don’t think that Bubble need more.

I like the improvements, but maybe wait till the redesign? I also think you should look at the way Webflow and Wappler did it. That looks a bit cleaner. @sudsy design also looks great.

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In fact the drop shadow seems to be a shade of blue?!


That’s just wrong!

Please change it to #00000 with 10% opacity to look nice on any background… pleaaaase @Bubble :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Desktop is much better now. I still think mobile needs to be more subtle and/or escapable. It is still especially egregious on mobile when you try to type in an input field and the mobile keyboard takes up half the screen as is, and then the Bubble bubble takes even more space after that. It also still draws the eye too much (there’s a balance between having a clean-looking app and promoting Bubble on the free plan, to be sure, and I think that balance was found on desktop (comments above notwithstanding), but the banner is still too aggressive on mobile, IMHO).


I agree with @edd, desktop looks very sleek now and @sudsy design also looks on point, nudge… The mobile version is definitely still quite aggressive.

I’d try a hard reload. Open dev tools in chrome > click and hold the ‘refresh’ button, then select ‘Emtpy cache and hard reload’ from the drop down and see if it returns.


Thanks for making the suggestions. I’ve shared your requests with our engineering team!

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Yeah, there are aspects of the mobile view on one of my apps that are close to unusable because the banner completely covers the button at the bottom of a popup window :confused:

In dev mode the banner will be hidden. Other than that, maybe upgrade?

Eh, I have one site on a paid plan (for work). The one where I’m having the issue is so silly I couldn’t come close to justifying putting it on a paid plan with my own money.

On further investigation, it does look like the issue I’ve been having is a bug rather than a feature with the banner, and I’ve submitted a bug report.