Not removing but moving bubble banner

Hi there, I love bubble and what it is becoming, but there is a major drawback for me as I attempt to create all sorts of progressive web apps… I can’t really affort a personnal or a professional plan yet, so there is always this “built with bubble” banner floating around… I’ve read that I must not remove it with Javascript, but is it as much forbiden too to just move it with javascript (like 40px upward so that it does not cover my navigation bar on a mobile app) ?
Thank you, have a good day

(Also I’ve toyed with it quite a lot and have seen the message about “account termination” several times… Now I am afraid my account get suspended :scream:)

I’d recommend just not moving it. I know it sucks but that’s the free plan. Trust me it used to be a lot more invasive. A long, roughly 50px tall banner across the bottom of the screen. It is a lot better now than it used to be. I think we should all be grateful for that lol.


I like this spirit… if you tell me I should just be grateful then I will, but I’ll let the topic unsolved for now as I think Bubble might miss oportunities of good content with this restriction (Maybe I am the only one concerned, but if my app encounters sucess (like 8 or 12 users ! that would be huge to me ! I would definitely pay for a plan)… it’s kind of sad they miss that kind of made-with-bubble content growth opportunity over a forty pixel offset…

Being able to pick the area of the screen would be nice but it is definitely 100x better than it used to be.

Bubble are copying what other website/web app builder do. They are giving you immense value for free including hosting. In return you have to advertise for them. Move your navigation bar instead.