Bubble's WU Pricing is forcing me to quit... My Forecasted Gross Margin (%) on a graph

Bubble’s Pricing is crazy through the roof…
This is my gross margin, at 1 user i have 3% GM, this is without calculating all other expenses like domain names (email campaign domains), taxes, devs, marketing, sales…
Sorry bubble but this will lead me to quit the platform…

If i can suggest a pricing model:
a Subscription with a max WU usage, and we only pay for what we have used, and you can set a minimum usage or so, but currently the pricing is crazy…

My Forecasted Gross Margin (%) / Users, if each users uses 5k WU/d

Subscription cost by WU tiers

Bubble’s Subscription represents 85% of COGS

Is it a bubble pricing problem though? looks more like a business model problem.

devs, marketing, sales…
This things alone will cost you more than bubble.


Ye that’s true both play a role, although before the pricing update, there was an average of 84% GM before the other expenses i mentioned, and that was sufficient to pay for all the stuff, and keep a good profit

What’s your expected average WU consumption per user?

For example, historically I can expect around 30k WU per month per organization in one of my apps and i expect that amount to dip further with the optimizations and narrowing of scope I’m working on.

my app is something users use everyday, and thus there is between 5k to 10k WU usage per user per day, the graph i made is with 150k WU per month per user

Maybe bubbble was the wrong frontend for this project. While you can build a lotta stuff on bubble, it doesn’t mean bubble is the right platform for your project.


As a dedicated instance developer, let me recommend you reach out to their sales team before quitting. They may be able to work with you or help point you in a better direction for data management.


Yes, with the new pricing structure, I wouldn’t use Bubble for an app that relies on a high number of visitors and low revenue per visitor (which, to be fair, is the normal model for an online business). It seems more targeted now towards internal corporate applications.


i will try to get as much customers as possible untill the big jump of pricing (1500$/mo), and by then i should’ve built a fullstack app, allowing me to be more in control of everything, and having a better COGS, altough initial investment will be alot…

That’s fair. I will say I run 2 apps with about 3500 users. Nothing compared to some apps on Bubble, but my dedicated instance doesn’t have issues.


Samsies. If you got a crazy bill, I’d recommend a dedicated instance

Did you check this? I also thought it would be almost -impossible to go further with Bubble, but when you look at this kind of additional w/u, there is a good chance you can still proceed with Bubble. Dont you think?