Bubble is overcharging you probably

So there’s actually two case where Bubble is overcharging
A) Very old legacy plan like personnal at 16 or pro at 79 will got charged 32 and 142 instead of 18 and 87 as announced
B) App that moving from legacy to new plan. They got charged for consummed WU in the past instead of when they moved to new plan. This shouldn’t happen. The new WU calculation should start at the moment they switch for the new plan, not from their original invoicing period.

@emmanuel @josh stop this
The delay for support response is too long actually to handle theses requests.

Actually, how can we trust Bubble according to:
A) Lot of issue with capacity suddenly appear since a few days
B) Pricing not following your announcement
C) Editor issues
D) Lack of improvment on your side for WU performance. This should have been done before moving to a new pricing, not after
E) No acceptable tools to investigate WU consumption
F) Important difference between WU consumption for same action
G) WU pricing that is far above market
H) Lack of good communications (where are you @josh? @emmanuel ?)

And I probably forget a lot of things, there’s so many problem actually!


I am also getting some surprise capacity issues. All from a page and User/Dataset that has been mostly the same for the past couple of years, so I know it’s not actually a usage difference, just how they are calculating the capacity


Same for me, I’m getting capacity alerts on an app of mine I’ve had for several years without one single alert of this kind before, and I am on Professional (Legacy) Plan.


Also getting capacity alerts on something that never hit capacity before with no massive new spikes.


Those getting capacity alerts (myself included) you can just check your logs. It’s most likely some weird spike in page load like most of us are having. It’s weird but at least for me it’s not affecting my users.

My concern is @Jici saying that we are getting charged for WUs used before the switch! That’s concerning. Can you explain a what you mean?

Basically, Bubble will charge you / calculate WU based on last month data

Someone else report the same thing in another post.

The screenshot show an app that switch yesterday.


I got a capacity alert for an app… that only I have ever accessed (I viewed 20 pages myself) and literally cannot get past the first page without a login… that I only know.

Oh and did I mention it has 0 database connections. lol.

Yet I had a capacity overage for 89 minutes. :upside_down_face:

My guess is it was simply a bug.


Let’s hope, but man what a BUG it would be.

This is not the first time sadly…


That doesn’t seem right…

Here’s my app that - according to bubble - on May 2nd exceeded the Professional plan’s 3 capacity units ceiling for 56 minutes: 2 WUs (say t-w-o) used just for “page load”:

This happened the day after I upgraded to Professional plan: no need to say that I never got any alert in 6 months before, being on the lower Personal plan. What scares me so is that once switched to new plans, instead of a notification like this, I could receive a direct charge on my credit card for similar “surreal” situation, which I will have then to dispute - assuming that I will ever be provided with tools to prove that those charges are unrealistic, as well as that it’s fair for me to have to spend my time dealing with such disputes instead of (no)coding.

I feel like something is getting out of hand – at least out of my hands for sure!! – while from the command deck all is silent! So sad :thinking: :roll_eyes:


There’s another issue I brought up in another thread:

When you cancel your bubble plan they stop the service immediately and not when the time you’ve paid for is up.

Could you Imagine telling your landlord you want to move out in a week.
They tell you to leave immediately, but you’ve paid for one more week.
That’s called illegal.

This affects every bubble user.


is that over 1000 dollars??? :astonished:
What app do you have? How many users? :disappointed_relieved:

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This is a client app. But # of users is not important. You can have 1 user that use a lot of WU and 100 user that don’t. So you cannot compare apps WU consumptions based on the # of users.

The 3.6m unit was the last month. We turned this, by a single change in this case, to be 450 000 WU a month just by removing a dropdown that load 36000 items in DB.


yes but i believe they pro rate it. thier system is set up where if someone upgrades to a higher level it will split the different of time based on how many days of the month you were in each level. so if you cancel mid month im pretty sure you will only be charged up to that date.

damn thats a big dropdown, im sure its sorted though lol


This is not true. I cancelled and did not get any refund.

I checked their TOS and they say it straight. When you cancel they stop service.

Really a bummer.

Would be cool if bubble had another button to click that just makes it so the plan does not renew. Is that really so much to ask for?


Hi all - thanks for raising your concerns. We’ve touched base with many of you directly regarding your specific plans and we’ve passed along some of the product feedback to investigate ways to make our language clearer in app.

Regarding the pricing change, @Jici - you are seeing these new prices because the very old legacy app was migrated to more recent legacy plans plus the 10% price increase we announced in April. Please feel free to submit a bug report if you notice any other unexpected behavior.

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Same here. Not even 20 active users.
I checked the logs all around, google analytics. Nothing.

At least for me, it didn’t seem to affect any use at all.

The new Bubble pricing is disrespectful to the developers community!!

I have worked on an app for days and in less than 10 mins after upgrading I got blocked from seeing the app front pages. The block was made without any warning as I was building a backend workflow functionality and accidentally created an infinite loop.

I will have to wait 7 days now to have access to the app front pages again, which means I will miss my project deadline and will lose the credibility I have worked so hard to build with my client.

Absolutely unacceptable! If Bubble doesn´t improve the clarity on its pricing I will pack my things and move my development to a different environment.