Buffer API Returning Invalid ID

Hi all,

I am using the awesome Buffer plugin by Coaching Bubble @romanmg and whenever I connect one profile to my Buffer the API from bubble to Buffer works fine, but when I have two accounts (facebook and Twitter) connected to buffer it shows Invalid Profile ID error in a popup as attached.

How can I fix this?
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Hey @help, the result of “Buffer - Get Profile’s _id” is actually a list of all profile IDs for that authorized Buffer account. You want to specify which profile in the list for each field. So, you can do something like this:


If you need to specify which network, you’ll want to filter the profile first by service. E.g. “Buffer - Get Profiles:filtered:item#[number]'s_id”

Try that.

Hi Gaby @romanmg ,
No it still hasn’t fixed it - thanks for the help this far.
Any ideas? The user is signed in and connected to Buffer using the SignUp/Login with Buffer action, and I can see the social profile as its shown in a repeating group on the users Bubble dashboard page.

Still returns the same Buffer API error with code 1004

Would you mind sharing a link to your editor (either her or you can PM me)?

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Hi @romanmg ,

I’d rather not if thats ok just for security responsibilities, can you advise what the issue might be - I am happy to try anything? Everything should be set up correctly in the Buffer plugin and in the workflows. For some reason its not even working using one social media profile with the setup you advised in the screenshot - is it anything to do with Buffer’s recent changes to plans?


Hi Reece,

Ok, I’ll check it out in a test app and see if I’m running into the same issues. I’ll get back asap.

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Thanks a lot!

Just tried a new Buffer account, with same account in my app.
Got this - looks like the First: True is new

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Ok, it looks like it throws an error whenever you insert a value for IDs that don’t exist. For example, if I do ID #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and I only have 3 IDs… it’ll produce an error.

If I do #1, #2, #3, #3, #3, then it’ll post properly (ignoring the duplicates).

The request body is a bit challenging to make super dynamic, but what I can do is create a separate call that allows you to customize the body a bit more. You’ll still have to sort out a way to create a dynamic array so that the formatting is right, but this would be editable for you in the action instead of having fields the way it currently is.

In other words, if you want to anticipate an unknown number of profiles connected to your users, you’ll need to create the string of joined “profile_ids= id#” with “&” and then insert that into this custom body.

Or, we can talk about a custom integration in your app directly.

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@romanmg ah ok, so it isn’t silently ignoring them then like in the plugin page? That makes it a little trickier.
Has that always been the case? The plugin looks like its had a lot of downloads so has something changed on Buffer’s end or in the plugin that causes this?

I am not sure how to create the string - is there no way to force Buffer to ignore missing profile ids silently without throwing the error?

If not then yes I’ll be happy to create a edit the action to anticipate the number of profiles - I appreciate your help on this ASAP :slight_smile:

Hi @romanmg
I created a workaround that works! I just created 5 workflows where each one has a condition set to only run if the count value of profiles in the users Buffer account matches the condition set on the workflow. So it meant duplicating the workflow 5 times, then setting a condition on each so it would run if the number of profiles is 1, 2, 3, 4 or greater than 4. I had to specify the profile IDs in each field/parameter for each post update action just by duplicating but as it ignores duplicates it still works!

Each red workflow has the Buffer post update actions

I couldn’t figure out how to dynamically account for an unknown number of profiles and get that in the JSON body, so thought I could do it differently.

Let me know your thoughts on this!

See my screenshots for example

Hey! Yes, I haven’t changed anything with the plugin, and I don’t think Buffer has changed their API… but I could be wrong. They might not be ignoring empty IDs now if they were before.

Your solution certainly works and while it’s the “long way” around because you have to create separate sequences, it will be reliable. The alternative would have been to construct a dynamic string to join each ID, which wouldn’t have been very straight forward.

Other than that, if you look at the plugin code, you can copy it directly into your app via API Connector plugin to test different methods of sending the data.

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Thanks @romanmg
For some reason the media link is not working in Buffer (see screenshot). I have tried using dynamic data as a link (text type) and image (image URL) in the Media_Link parameters in the Post Update action, but it doesn’t show it properly in Buffer and just says undefined:

How can I fix this?

Hey @romanmg,

Are you able to return the content of a scheduled posts using your Plugin?

GET /profiles/:id/updates/pending


Hi @rafe, yes, the “Get Pending Update” and “Get Sent Update” calls should already be returning the update content. See, for example, the “text” parameter here:

This is from the plugin.

Hey @romanmg.

Thanks for the reply. Not sure what i’m doing wrong here. The only option I can see is Pending update’s total…

24%20PM 35%20PM

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Your data source should end at “Buffer - Get Pending Update” as that is the source of the list of Updates. Type of content should match data source, so just remove “total” from what you have in your screenshot.

Then, add a text element to your repeating group cell to display the “Current cell’s update’s [field]”

@romanmg. Thanks had another try but no luck. Seems to automatically default with no option to leave blank.

Screenshare - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ptm1uyp2mssu4nv/RG_Buffer.mov?dl=0

Interesting. Thanks for sharing that. I’ve just published a bug fix. Refresh your editor and go to the plugin settings to update it (select the latest version from the dropdown).

Now, you should be able to select “Get Pending Update updates” as Type of Content and then “Buffer - Get Pending Update’s updates” for the source.


Thanks Gaby!

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