Slack Plugin Still Not Working

@levon the slack plugin has still never come back to life. It still produces that error message we discussed before. I asked Bubble about it and the have not provided and feedback. Capture|690x431

Did you send a message to Bubble support?
The plugin works fine on our end…

That’s the same happening to me with my Asana plugin and the same message as @ryan8. However when you test it in the plugin editor it authenticates. @levon Did you test in the plugin editor or the plugin installed in an app?

I think there is some change in the form of how slack or Asana are sending the id. For instance Asana is transforming to “gid” instead of “id” and I have entered the field “id_token” for the plugin to authenticate in the plugin editor but doesn’t work when the plugin is installed in app

I have also asked about help for the above in this thread API Connector not connecting anymore

Slack and Asana are an important integration, so I hope someone from bubble could chime in @emmanuel

@emmanuel @levon @amdmakki i have reached out to bubble… i never got an email back from them yet… so i dunno if they know but they dont seem to be responding to the issue. Its been a while so i dont know if i will hear from them

I have tried new keys, uninstalling and reinstalling, redoing the expressions from scratch. nothing works.

In the plugin, Bubble is looking for a field in the OAUTH response called “user_id” which does not exist. It is “id” (see Gabby’s Slack plugin).

That is why it is throwing the error, it can’t find the named field.

and the solutions is? :blush:

Glad you saw that!

@levon does NigelG’s response shed any light on the issue?

@levon hey i cant subscribe to more of your plugins. Says i can only max out at 20 plugs?

I have updated the plugin long time ago to include that iD and when I initialize the plugin in the plugin builder i no longer see any errors regarding that. I have just tried to re-authenticate and it worked fine.
i have tried to set the same settings as on Gaby’s plugin but again getting that error (see screenshot below), so I reverted everything back.
I suggest trying the plugin in a brand new app, just to rule out any Bubble glitches and if it doesn’t work then reach out to Bubble support

I didn’t know there are any limits, certainly not set by us :slight_smile: @emmanuel can you please advise here?
if we don’t here from Emmanuel, I suggest reaching out to Bubble Support as well

This is a Stripe limitation, we’re checking with them.

is it possible that the SLACK issue is a bubble issue? @emmanuel

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