BUG - Background images don't load

Can you share a link to one of the pages where it’s happening? - someone might be able to diagnose it better once they’ve seen an actual page trying to load.

Yeah, a floating group is probably not the best option.

Just as a troubleshooting measure, I wonder if loading the image on page load would help. This can be done via a Conditional

What is the workflow behind the “Eye” element. is it assigns the Image to somewhere…?

@melon @sudsy @pork1977gm @adamhholmes @Christophe_HK Thank you all for your responses!

I believed I fixed it, yay!

Basically what I did is remove the background image altogether. Then use a group with a dynamic image instead and use the Ultimate Toolkit plugin to resize that group to the user’s screen size. :slight_smile:

Again, thank you all for helping me out!


That workflow was just “Go to page” + “data to send: Current…”

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