Make Floating Group Background Picture Load Faster

Hello everyone,

I have a FG with a dynamic image as the background image. I also have some static text on the FG. When I load the page, I discover the FG background image lags about 1 sec after the text is loaded. I am trying to achieve a flashscreen effect. How can I make the picture load either together with the text at the same time?

You could have the elements initially hidden on load and then both revealed once the page is fully loaded.

Create a state for both elements with a yes/no condition. Set the initial value as “no” and then using a workflow “once page is loaded” set the states as “yes” and then enable visibility.

There are multiple ways of doing this but that’s one way off the top of my head.

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Thanks I did this and the loading is a bit smoother. Although I did not use the workflow. I used the condition of the element that when “page is loaded entire” then make the element visible.