Bug in Editor Server Logs Relative Time

Hello @Bubble

Seems like there is a small bug here. Naturally every time i navigate to this menu or click search then i should always get the one minute ago right? because its relative. Right now it stays the same

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It works for me on Chrome OS.

Hmm. Not on windows chrome browser

And it works on Windows Server with Chrome. Maybe some extentions?

Thank for the comparison, will check it out

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Refreshing the page solves it for you? Also, just erasing the “o” from “ago” and rewriting it also refreshes the time parsed. I get a similar behavior, but it does not feels like a bug, just an experience that can be improved.

Nope! I need to edit the field to get the relative time to reset. Is anyone else facing this?

That’s right. It keeps the last change. I just understood your bug! :wink:

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That’s what I said :thinking:
Editing the field to make it reset.

Do you want to continually have it be “one minute ago” accompanying the clock?
Because currently it gets the time when I write it and freezes.

Yes I know that’s what you said, was just confirming. Well that’s what it should do right? One minute ago should always be that.

But then it would continually filter what is appearing on the log list…?

Yep, the search should only take place only when you hit Search and it should always pull up the last one minute. So this way it is really the last one minute

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Makes sense. Continually making the older one disappear and showing up newer ones. Maybe they can add a checkbox to enable this behavior, who knows :roll_eyes:

I already notified @Bubble support about this a few weeks ago, and David told me he was going to let the team know, but here we are still…

Hello @Bubble @DavidS @neerja

Any news on this?

It’s extremely difficult to debug an app with this issue.


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We’ve pushed a fix here. Please check later.