[New Feature] Server Logs Advanced Inputs

Hi All,

Second feature release of the day for the server logs tab – we’ve rolled out an advanced inputs section, which allows you to filter the results of a search more creatively. Click the button labelled ‘advanced’ to see the checkbox panel:

The error checkbox restricts the results to logs which represent application errors, and the rest refer to log messages. If you check none of the boxes, by default all messages will be returned; however, if you check at least one of these boxes, only logs with the messages checked will be returned.

As always, let us know if there are any issues.



Hm thats nice.

Wonder if we can get the descending option back maybe? Or at least have it working? I don’t really understand why it was removed or why the list doesn’t load descending by default.

Now i need to scroll down the list to the latest entry (even when you are close the time you’re looking at) and it takes time and resources to load all the data so I can imagine it will be better for Bubble even to have it by default list the latest logs at the top?


Hi @nickhil, what’s the difference? Love it btw. edit: Great great! :slight_smile:

I found a backup plan :slight_smile:

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It is possible to add some kind of date-time refresh when we press again the Search button to reflect the actual date-time? Right now, each time, I have to change the value manually.

edit: Not a good idea if I’m using the advanced option (because you want to keep the same date-time). Maybe kind of refresh button near the displayed date-time?

Sorry, that’s a typographical error. We just rolled out a fix.

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Would it also be possible to show the “zoom on workflow” ID. It’s no longer handy when submitting bug reports.