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Bug in Input field

I have a text input that has the Initial input field set to “Current Page thing’s name”.
The Page’s “Type of content” is set to the same “thing” as the input field.

When the page initially loads it’s showing “Lorem ipsum” in the input field. I would expect it to not showing anything until I actually set the page with a “thing”

See example here:

Edit page:

It’s because the page is expecting a user, and it’s not provided. See the URL

In other words, this page is not as it will be in real life, it should always have a user attached to it. If you click there won’t be anything.

For how I’m building my current feature I’m using it exactly like this. I also have a menu that will actually set the page and input after the user selects the item.

I do see where the bubble function/code is setting it to sample. Here’s the URL from my app. Maybe I miss understood what you are saying – when this is deployed to Live are you saying that it won’t show a sample if there is no value?

Yes, it’s only from the editor that we show the sample object to help see what it looks like. In real life, you should have a link or a change page action that sends a user.

Great, thanks Emmanuel!

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