Encountering a weird issue in bubble

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I have designed a Login Logout system but I am encountering something weird.
As per my database Image attached below, I only have 1 User registered in my application divyanshu.r46956@gmail.com.
But when I preview my application then I always see email input field with email a@b.com why this is happening is it a bug?
Link to Application: https://mymarketplace.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true

Initially, I do register the user a@b.com but I deleted it from the database but now it keeps on reflecting in the input field when I preview my application.

this is quite strange behavior.

when I inspect it in a debugger it shows
custom states and other values

Can you paste a link to your editor.

@csblack edited the description pasted link in it.

I meant the back end editor.

But I don’t see the issue on my end. Its empty. Its probably just your browser autofilling the email field.

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Yes, I also think that browser is auto-filling it.
Because in incognito mode it is not showing.
Thanks it’s resolved.

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