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Bug in responsive rendering

Hey all,

Just want to check with everyone before I post a bug report. I have a perfectly organized page that responds correctly in the responsive engine except for the second group where the margin is added for some reason. All the other groups that share a similar design are rendered correctly except for that dreaded second row. Honestly, i tried everything.

Can someone share an opinion? Did I miss anything or is this a bug?


Just solved your issue, look at the editor.
The space comes from the top margin of the second line of your form, because originally that element was on the first line, and the element above it had this huge margin.
To solve this, I just grouped the two elements of your first line together, so that the margin is relative to the group.

No bug here :wink:

Hmm. Interesting approach I would have thought that would not be required. But thanks for your help. :smile:

A good way to check this is to go to the responsive view mode, select the element causing the issue or the elements next to it, and click “explain box margin” :slight_smile:

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