Bug? Inputs in a Collapsed Group not showing when expanded

So I’ve had this happen a couple of times in different Bubble apps… I’ll have something like a form with show/hide conditions on a collapsing group of inputs. However, very often when the user “unhides” the group, not all of the inputs are shown immediately. The first one or two might appear, but rest of them either appear on a 5 second delay or clicking around. It’s very annoying.

Anyone else notice this? Is it a bug?


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Happens to me when using chrome. Not only when I hide/show elements. It basically fails to load all of the content.

Ah, yep I’m using Chrome when it does it. I’ll file a bug report.

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Yes, it’s a known issue, and apparently cannot be fixed. The solution is to have the “Animate the collapse operation” unchecked.

Weird, but good to know. Thanks!

I’ve had this, too. Bubble support says no fix, @robert?

I was told by @romanmg that there is no fix because it’s a chrome problem, not a bubble problem.

Thanks, @robert! That fixes it for me. :+1: Yet another reason to use animations sparingly I guess.

I would agree. It does indeed seem to be a browser rendering issue.

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