Bug or am I doing something wrong?

I’m trying to make a simple follow/unfollow function.

I have one button with a conditional based on whether the user is followed or not. With this set up, I can successfully add a user to the follower list. However, the conditional on the button isn’t working (does not change to following). And I can’t get the unfollow workflow to work


Workflow to remove follower

Maybe a privacy issue getting in the way?

That did it! Omg I can’t tell you how many times I thought I was going crazy and it turned out to be a privacy rule

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It’s always the privacy rules :rofl: it takes some time to get used to but eventually checking privacy rules will become a second nature :sweat_smile:


Also I’ve seen some people on the forum advise against storing lists of users directly on a user because of performance slow down. If you expect your lists to get huge then maybe worth looking into. To me it it seems fine but I’ve seen some people say not to do that.

I think the alternative method is a new datatype called “Follow” with a User type field called “Follower” and another User type called “Followed”. And you create a new entry when someone follows linking them that way.

Again I think your lists would have to get huge for there to be a performance hit


You’re correct, @tylerboodman on both counts.


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