[Bug] Symbols in integer input field make the value empty


I’ve found out that number field with Integer value can be filled with special symbols and it isn’t invalidated even with Only when ‘is valid’ option (on mobile)


For some reason it works even if I check mobile view in google chrome on desktop.

Investigated a bit more.
Symbols only - invalidated (so do empty field as well if set ‘no empty’) image
Symbols with digits - making it successful again

But not when symbols are starting the input (at least in this case)

On another page of the same app - even the beginning with a symbols works with the same conditions.


This is worst than I expected.
You may make a filter that disables button by default and only valid value unlocks it.

Open page on iphone
Type any digit value to unlock the field
Now add symbol like * or # into beginning of the string

Holy cow, I finally learned what the actual bug is.

It converts #3 or *3 to empty.

Simple display of input’s value:

Added ‘this field shouldn’t be empty’ and it finally validates it.

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