Bug with group focus

Hi everyone, this is Alessandro, a Bubble engineer.
As Eve mentioned above, late last week, we rolled out a small tweak to the types of elements that can be used in the ‘Toggle Element’ action in some specific cases.

First, I’d like to apologize for the confusion and disruption this update caused - we had not expected that this would show up in the issue checker, and as such we did not add a warning about this. We’ll try our best to avoid this in the future, since minor UX consolidations should not disrupt development in any way.

Here follows an explanation for why we made this change, and how you can easily adapt your app to address these issues:

Group Focus elements have a particular piece of logic attached to them, which is that whenever a Group Focus is open, clicking anywhere on the page will cause it to close immediately.

As a result, you’ll see that if a Group Focus element is ‘Toggled’ from a click event, then its behavior is not really to toggle, but rather equivalent to :

  • ‘Show Element’, if the click that triggered the workflow is outside the Group Focus (because after the Group Focus auto-closes, the workflow shows it again)
  • ‘Hide Element’, if the click that triggered the workflow is inside the Group Focus (because the workflow cannot be triggered if the Group Focus was already closed)

Since this behavior, especially the first part, was confusing several users, we removed that option is this exact case, which overall should improve the consistency of our available actions.

As this was not “broken” in the first place, runmode shouldn’t have been affected, but the editor now shows these options are invalid. If you get a similar issue, the simplest way to address is to replace the action in question with a Show or a Hide element action, depending on what the visually-expected behavior of this action was in the first place.

In our testing we could not find any use-cases that would be hampered by the removal of this option, however, we’ll keep monitoring for unforeseen exceptions, where Toggle Element is truly necessary, and iterate on this.

Thank you all for your patience, and I hope this helps answer your questions about this change.