No longer able to hide Group Focus elements

I am no longer able to hide group focus elements.

Toggle workflow action does not work, but I can’t confirm if that used to work or not, but I think it did.

I can confirm that hiding group focus elements did work previously. Are other seeing the same behaviour? Was about to submit a bug report, but perhaps there’s been a change to group focus behaviour and this is now expected behaviour? Albeit a very, very strange one.


You will find answer here

haha that is just absolutely ridiculous. I see that the last entry in that thread is from @aless saying that they decided to revert back to allowing for toggling of group focus elements, since this was obviously a horrible idea. That was back in March and the thread is now closed.

Did you go back on it again and reverted to not allowing for hiding of group focus elements?
@eve @aless

I suspect that a lot of people end up building their own drop downs since bubble doesn’t allow for styling of drop down elements. That is now completely busted and having to use multiple “buttons” for showing hiding the group focus really isn’t a solution here.

I never used the toggle function on groupfocus before, but I do set things up to allow a user to click one button to hide/show the groupfocus.

The setup I use requires the use of a custom state on that I call “Is-Shown” and is a yes/no value. I also use a conditional workflow to set that state when the groupfocus isn’t visible and the custom state is-shown is yes (meaning the user clicked outside the groupfocus and it closed)

My button has two workflows associated…one for when the ‘is-shown = yes’ and one for when ‘is-shown=no’…when no I show the groupfocus and set the state to yes…when yes I hide the groupfocus and set the state to no.

works perfectly, although a bit more cumbersome than it should be

If you forget the conditional workflow then if a user clicks outside the groupfocus and it closes, and then clicks the button to open again, they have to click twice.

I honestly find it absolutely ridiculous to remove the function of hiding group focus. I don’t necessarily care about the toggle workflow, that is simply a convenience. But with the toggle removed we could no longer have conditional workflows to hide them either. I.e. “if group focus is visible - hide element”

And with the flimsy excuse that “it’s not the expected behaviour of a group focus”. Which is completely missing the point of how the group focus is being used by Bubble’s users. And is simply forcing users, like yourself, to come up with more labour intense solutions to circumvent the “blockade” for lack of a better word.

There are many different usages for a group focus elements, drop down, context menus, tool tip and so on. Many of which where a toggle would definitely be expected behaviour. To me this sounds like “we have a narrow idea of how this element should be used, and won’t consider how it’s actually being used by our users”.

BUT… although no one from Bubble replied to this thread (perhaps it was never seen) the “broken” function of hiding group focus have been reverted back once again and it is now possible to hide them. So you don’t have to jump through all kinds of hoops of swapping elements, using custom states, or touching your nose and spinning three times. :+1:

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