Bug with repeating group item deletion


This looks like a bug, and there is a closed thread that is very similar

Essentially I have a repeating group that is populated from a state. The state is defined on the page load and then items can be added to it on the page. However, when I try to delete an item from the repeating group, it takes out the item but keeps it as a blank one. So length does not reduce, but it just keeps it as an empty object.
I tried to minus one from the state, but that actually did nothing at all.

My workaround is that the repeating group is filtered to show non empty items.

I have a feeling this is state related, as I have never encountered such issues with Things.

You can use the action “Delete a thing” which will delete the item from database too.
Is the custom state is a list or single?

It is not a database thing, it’s a temporary list that then goes into the DB.
I am using the Delete a thing action, but that is a thing it is keeping an empty item in the list

@dsaiko, your filter workaround is great. Sometimes bubble applications can behave that way with no real explanation as to why it does that.

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