Repeating group not updating when items are deleted

Who have experienced an edge case where the repeating group does not reduce in size when you delete an item, and it is still showing the empty row of the deleted items. Have you been able to solve it withoit having to refresh the page
In my use case I am deleting a list of items, but I do not think that is the reaaon as I have tried to replace backend workflow with delete list of items but I still got the same behaviour.

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So today, I found the cause of this bug and how to solve it. I worked on another project where I had to delete data (let’s call these data B, C, D) associated with the main data (let’s call this data A).(when I say associated, I mean data B, C, D has a field in them that references data A) So the repeating group, that shows list of data where data A is one of the row in the repeating group, will not entirely remove that row after it has been deleted because after/before/while (whichever is the case based on how actions run in a workflow) deleting data A, I am still doing a ‘delete list of items’ → ‘search for item data B where constraint 1 equals data A’ . I feel this happens because I am still using A which has already been deleted as a constraint to delete other data (data B, C, D).

Here is how I was able to solve it. I did the normal deleting of data A, then I scheduled a backend API workflow to run 3 seconds later, then in the backend API workflow, I did ‘delete list of items’ → ''search for item data B where constraint 1 ‘is empty’ ". Since constraint 1 was suppose to equal data A, but now data A has been deleted, so I set it to ‘is empty’. I repeated the same action for data B and C.

This methods help the repeating group to remove the row immediately the main item, data A, is deleted.
I hope this helps anyone who encounter the same issue, or myself in the future.


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