Bugs with conditions and :count

Hi, guys! I noticed really annoying use case with using the “:count” in conditions. As you can see below, I told Bubble to do action only when I have 0 fields where parameter “Last?” is “yes”. And guess what. Action is done only when I write “… :count > 1 …” and it does not care about how many fields with “Last?” = “yes” are in the database.

Bubble: Vova, how many fields with “Last?” = “yes” are in the database right now?
Vova: 0, Bubble. Please do the action only when there is at least 1 field.
Bubble: okay, I would do the action right now.


jiojiojiojiojio okedkoko

Guess what

I would try a Search for categories:first item is empty. Functionally it’s the same thing.

The last "Search for Categorys:filtered:count"solved my problem.

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